Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Backyard Waterslide

Turn your backyard into a wet racing lane for hours of fun.

With a backyard waterslide, starting a party is as easy as turning on a garden hose. Modern versions made with heavy PVC plastic resists tears and holes far better than the old thin plastic drop cloths of yesteryear. And with integrated water channels that keep the slide greased up, a modern backyard water slide is a carefree way to keep the kids occupied (and exercising) for hours. Think about these three things to make the best choice.

Built-In Protection

The 8-inch tall inflatable sidewalls on this ride help prevent bodies from skidding off. WOW Sports

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You can’t slide and glide without a super-slick, wet surface. Check to see how a water slide delivers the aqua. Some have perforated channels that run down the middle of the slide, while others rely on perforated tubes along the sides, and even slides with arcing cascades of water down the ride. Each method works well as long as it delivers plenty of water from top to bottom.

Competition Friendly

This ride is great for wet contests at kids’ parties. Banzai

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Many slides incorporate a small pool of water or an inflatable “crash pad” at the bottom of the slide. While it’s fun to end the ride with a splash, a crash pad can help prevent kids from tumbling off the bottom of the slide.

Strong Support

This backyard ride comes with hard-plastic stakes to keep it all in place. TEAM MAGNUS

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You can ride just about any backyard water slide by launching yourself on your back or stomach. Some backyard water slide manufacturers include bodyboards to help cushion the ride.