Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Basement Storage System

Take back your basement with these easy organization tips.

storage room in basement
Using a few storage bins in your basement can open up space for any larger items you need to stash away.Unsplash/Pau Casals

Looking to reign in your basement clutter? Consider purchasing some simple storage bins and shelving systems. They make finding your gear easier and can protect it from bugs and moisture. Just add a little elbow grease and you’ll have the bottom floor of your home back in ship shape. Block out a few hours and get it done this weekend!

ClosetMaid 1043 Cubeicals Organizer, 3-2-1 Cube, White
This setup makes it easy to stash small items in bins, and larger items on top.ClosetMaid

A sturdy set of shelves can get much of your clutter up off the ground. Not only does this help protect your stuff from water damage in the event of a sewer back up, heavy rain, or laundry room mishap, but it also limits the amount of floor space used. This gives you more useable space to stash that exercise bike or seasonal decorations you’re always swapping out.

FURINNO Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Multipurpose Shelf Display Rack, Single, Columbia Walnut/Black
This narrow unit can make it easier to store stuff in tight places.Furinno

Usually, the basement houses most of the mechanical devices that make a home livable, such as the water heater and furnace. This leads to many odd-shaped spaces that are otherwise unusable. Select small stand-alone shelving units to make use of this dead space. If the space is too small for that, consider stacking containers.

IRIS USA TB-17 19 Quart Stack & Pull Box, Multi-Purpose Storage Bin, 6 Pack, Pearl
These boxes have lockable lids to keep bugs and other critters out.IRIS USA, Inc.

Basements don’t usually have the greatest climate control systems, which can make them humid and musty. You can slow the effects of humidity by using plastic containers that limit the amount of water that makes its way to your stuff. Throwing a few desiccant packets inside a bill will further control humidity. These plastic containers can also keep basement dwellers like insects and even the occasional rodent out of your stuff, further safeguarding it.

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You can arrange the containers on this model any way you want for easy cleanup.Humble
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This model can support 10 pounds per box, or 60 pounds total.AmazonBasics