Research suggests that those who enjoy cleaning their homes are up to 25 percent happier than those who don’t. There’s also a lot of evidence to suggest that a cleaner, tidier home environment leads to a more peaceful, less stressed family. If this sounds appealing but your brooms, mops and other cleaning paraphernalia are in a tangle in a corner or a cupboard, you could start by getting a broom holder to get them organized and off the floor. Here’s what you need to think about…

Great Value

This removable hanging solution can accommodate a multitude of tools with handles ranging from 0.8-1 inch in diameter and weighing up to four pounds. It sticks firmly to a wall or door and removes without damage. Command

Don’t worry too much about whether your broom handle will fit into the specified space—they tend to be of a fairly standard size, and most holders are designed to expand or contact to fit the handle that you want to hold. More important is to think about how many items you want to store and—crucially—whether you can permanently fix something to the wall. If the answer is no, say if you’re in a dorm or a rented property, look for individual sticky-backed holders. They need a clean, dry and flat surface to adhere to, but can be easily removed without damage.

With five slots holding items weighing up to seven pounds in each, as well as hooks for lighter items, this multi-functional storage is ideal in a garage or cleaning closet for tidying up cleaning equipment and more. Berry Ave

If you have the option to drill permanently into a wall, a larger, multi-product broom holder is an option. These tend to work by having balls on springs that lock into place so that items of various different sizes can be stored. To maximize your storage, look for ones with small hooks in between that can take lighter weight items. The slots themselves should be capable of holding items up to around seven pounds in weight without any issues.

Also Consider

Five slots for handled goods, plus additional hanging options, make this a flexible option for all areas of your house (and sheds, barns or other spaces) that need a little tidying. Home-It

A broom holder can be a truly versatile storage item, so don’t just think about it as a repository for your cleaning kit. It’s great for sports stuff too—whether rackets, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, pool cues or baseball bats. And it can really come into its own in a garage or workshop for holding a variety of tools.