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Hoverboards are self-balancing boards, so there is a bit of a learning curve for some people before they feel comfortable riding one. However, once you do, they can be a great way to get around. A rider controls the hoverboard by moving his or her feet at angles relative to the ground. When the device feels the pressure from your feet shift, it changes it starts, stops, changes its direction, or even spins. As you look for your next hoverboard, keep these suggestions in mind.

A hoverboard’s weight capacity is important to consider. Hover-1

Most hoverboards are built to withstand upwards of 200 pounds, and some even more than that. Conversely, they’re also built to support nothing less than around 40 pounds in order to run. So, think about where you (or whomever the hoverboard is for) fall in that range, and whether it falls within the range for a specific hoverboard model. Also, hoverboards are not meant for two people, so even if the weight of two people is still under the limit, you’d be wise to only operate it solo.

This model has 700 watts of power and solid tires. Gyroor

Battery life is definitely something to pay attention to when purchasing your hoverboard. You don’t want to get a mile down the road and run out of power. Note that starting and stopping a hoverboard causes a battery to deplete even more quickly than simply maintaining your speed as you cruise along. Whenever you’re not using your hoverboard, make sure the power is off and that you fully charge it for your next joyride.

These models come in 13 colors and with or without a Bluetooth speaker. JOLEGE

Hoverboards come with stylized features that may be right up your alley. Some include things like wheels that light and flash, or a built-in wireless speaker that allows you to blast your music while riding, and you can pick a model painted in your favorite color. Hoverboards can really elevate the way you or your kid gets around, so have fun choosing the style that fits your personality.