Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Mower

Whether you prefer a corded or cordless model, an electric mower is quieter and cleaner than a gas-powered motor.

No fumes! Less noise! No more wrenched shoulders from yanking on starter cords! It’s not like an electric walk-behind mower will make cutting the grass a ton of fun, but these highly efficient machines certainly deserve a look. Advances in lithium-ion batteries are no longer anemic and can power serious yard-crunching machines, and lighter, corded mowers make it even easier to keep smaller yards trim and looking good. Their popularity means there are tons of choices on the market, from basic models suited for a quick lawn trim to more powerful units that will mulch on the go. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to an electric mower, from which power source is best for you to how much power you’ll need to get deep in the weeds. When you’re ready to say goodbye to smoke-belching, eardrum-rattling gasoline mowers, here are three things to consider in an earth- and shoulder-friendly electric mower.

This unit has a wide blade to shave time off your cutting chores. Greenworks

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Electric mowers come in two styles: corded mowers, in which a long extension cord is hooked to the machine, and cordless mowers, which are powered by rechargeable batteries. They each have pros and cons. A corded mower will be lighter and will run as long as you have it plugged in, but you’ll have to be careful not to run over the cord, and if you have lots of trees or shrubs the cord might often snag. These are best for smaller yards. Cordless mowers give you the freedom to mow anywhere you please, but only for as long as the battery retains power. Look in the mower’s user guide to get a sense of how many square feet a mower can run on a single charge.

This product requires an extension cord, but that makes it lighter than battery-powered motors. Greenworks

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Like standard gasoline engine mowers, electric mowers are made with cutting blades of various widths. The decision on the cut width can be particularly critical when it comes to electric mowers. Since your battery storage dictates your cutting time, larger lawn owners should definitely consider the wider 20-inch mowers or even wider to get the job done on a single battery charge.

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Modern electric motor technology has gotten so efficient that these quiet motors are now powerful enough to build into self-propelled mowers, in which power is supplied to the rear wheels for nearly effortless pushing. If you have trouble pushing a heavy mower on your own, or if you just want to make life as easy as possible, consider a battery-powered self-propelled mower.