Whoever invented guitars was not thinking about how to carry them. No matter what you try, from tucking the body under your arm to slinging it over your shoulder by the neck, it’s awkward and unwieldy. Try carrying it through a revolving door—you get the picture. But a guitar bag opens up options, including carrying your instrument by a handle or wearing it backpack-style, which makes transport manageable. Look for these things when choosing a gig bag for your guitar.

  • Size: A guitar bag is only effective if it fits your guitar—you don’t want the instrument to bounce around and get damaged. There are different options for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, and some are designed to fit cutaways or the uneven body shapes of certain electric guitars. Be sure the bag will fit your guitar so it can stay best protected.
  • Material: Some options are cheaply made and should be avoided. Choose a bag made with ballistic nylon or other durable, tear-resistant material. It should also have high-quality, well-fitted zippers as well as reinforced stress points at the strap and handle attachments.
  • Extra Features: A good guitar bag is lined with padding and soft fabric for protecting your guitar. Some are designed with neck support and Velcro straps to secure your guitar inside the bag. In addition, look for features like an easily gripped handle and padded, adjustable backpack straps for carrying comfort.

Our Picks for the Best Guitar Bags on Amazon

Top Pick: CAHAYA Guitar Bag

This carrier comes with durable metal zippers, a non-slip silicone handle, and extra neck storage. CAHAYA

Runner Up: CAHAYA Acoustic

Great Value

This budget choice boasts a durable nylon case with a secure Velcro strap. CAHAYA

Great Value: ChromaCast Acoustic

Great Value

This budget choice boasts a durable nylon case with a secure Velcro strap. ChromaCast

Premium Pick: Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Strat/Tele Style Electric Guitar

Premium Pick

This model has an extra-strength handle for secure grip and a protective plush interior. Gator

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