Samsung makes so much stuff that even taking just three categories still leaves you with a lot to go through. It’s been in the game for years, and it seems to be constantly expanding its repertoire. From washers and driers, to computers, TVs, phones, speakers, tablets, and watches, there’s a lot to go through. Let’s take a peek at three of those categories, though.

Audio Technology

Boasting great sound-quality and six hours of battery life (plus another seven with the charging case) the Galaxy Buds are truly wireless, and sound fantastic. Samsung

When it comes to sound, Samsung is really making a name for itself in the consumer space. From affordable but powerful soundbars to full stereos systems, you’re seeing the brand in more and more audio cabinets (and tucked directly into ears). Samsung makes some terrific headphones, and its wireless, Bluetooth earbuds have excellent longevity, great sound, and work with both iOS and Android devices.


This 65-inch beauty uses Samsung’s acclaimed quantum dots (QLED) for incredible colors, local dimming, thin bezels, and smart features, including Amazon Alexa. Samsung

Samsung’s TV game is very strong indeed. Its LED range has gotten more and more sophisticated over the years, with QLED being the latest technology, which gives a staggering array of colors. The locally lit areas offer incredible contrast between blacks and whites, and the ultra-thin bezels help the TV blend into your living room when you aren’t watching anything. Add smart TV features, Amazon Alexa, and a universal remote, and it’s a powerhouse.


The iconic Samsung Galaxy S10 packs in the premium features, from an advanced camera, gorgeous screen, and wireless charging. It’s a powerhouse. Amazon Renewed

It could be argued that Samsung is the brand that really brought Android into the limelight with its Galaxy line. While it’s expanded from there into larger phones, tablets, and even phones with folding screens, the Galaxy S line is still the most recognizable. It packs in killer features and quality, from cinematic screens, powerful cameras, a wide range of storage options, wireless charging, and plenty of mobile processing power.