A bike trailer is a convenient tool if you need to pedal a load down the road. Bike trailers come in single- or tandem-wheeled models. A single wheel is a better option for trail riding and rough terrain. Tandems offer greater stability, balance, and capacity. When choosing a trailer for your bike, consider the size and weight of your cargo, safety features, and compatibility with different bike models.

This foldable carrier can hold one or two children. Instep

Bike trailers are meant to haul cargo, whether it’s kids, pets, groceries, or something you just don’t want to carry. Figure out what you’ll be hauling most often in your bike trailer and how much it weighs. Then make sure whatever trailer model you’re interested in has the weight capacity to support it and harnesses inside to secure the load.

This model has a five-point cargo harness and it doubles as a stroller. Schwinn

A trailer’s durability on the road rests on the quality of the suspension, which counteracts rough terrain and helps the trailer maintain contact with the ground. This is particularly important when hauling kids. If storage is an issue, consider a foldable model.

You can easily mount this model to almost any rear axle. Burley Design

Trailers attach to bikes at the seat post or using a quick-release skewer mounted to the rear axle. Whichever design you prefer, make sure the trailer’s mounting system does not get in the way of your bike’s pedals, drive, wheel, or axle.