Three Reasons to Use a Bread Proofing Basket

And three interesting names for this handy kitchen tool.

If you’re new to the vast world of bread baking, a bread proofing basket (also known as banneton or brotform) can help improve the appearance, uniformity and structure of even your most delicate loaves. The options below will get you started.

Comes with an accessory that will help you customize the look of your loaves, as well as an ebook. Bread Bosses

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Proofing is a process in baking where a yeasted dough is allowed to rise. The yeast produces gases which create air pockets within your dough. This is what will ultimately determine the texture of your bread.

Includes a washable, reusable inner layer to keep loaf from sticking. YLIANG

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Choose a round shape for a rustic-looking result. Ridges in your basket can produce aesthetically-pleasing designs on your bread.

Made from rattan; available in several different sizes allow you to make the loaf of your dreams. AKL

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If you want to make more than one loaf at a time to share with others, consider buying a set of at least two. Smaller loaves of bread will individually bake quicker than one larger loaf.