Three Things to Know Before Brewing Your Own Beer

Crafting your own brand of suds in the comfort of your home is a great way to enjoy one of the most treasured beverages in the world.

One of the critical crossroads for serious beer enthusiasts is the moment they look down at their half-empty glass of $7 beer and ask themselves, “Can’t I just make this lovely nectar myself?” The answer, of course, is yes. The homebrewing revolution has made it simple for anyone with a few dollars and some curiosity to test the fertile waters of chilling one’s own wort and capping bottles on the kitchen counter. If you have been stroking your beard over the rationale of getting involved with this honorable tradition, think about these factors before taking the plunge.


The cost of ingredients to brew your own beer is relatively inexpensive, which means it costs you less per pint to brew your own versus buying it at a store. Northern Brewer

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Let’s face it, beer drinking is an expensive hobby. Especially if you have a taste for imported or craft beers. One of the reasons many beer aficionados first consider home brewing is the savings. But don’t expect to buy a boat or pay your mortgage with what you’ll pocket in return. By the time you factor in brewing supplies and fresh ingredients for each new batch, the savings are there, but not astronomical. Keep in mind, however, that brewing a small batch of beer is just about as labor intensive as a large batch. The more you brew, the more you save. So, the lesson is this: Drink more beer!

Bragging Rights

If you’re worried about how to begin brewing, get a kick that comes with specific instructions and a recipe book. Northern Brewer

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Pride of craft and personal taste are the real reasons most people are attracted to homebrewing, and a commercial starter kit is the best way to find out if home brewing is for you. The original investment will cost you more per bottle than store-bought beer, but the expense goes down considerably from there, and few party favors are more impressive than serving your guests a bottle of amber straight from your own kitchen.

Art and Science

Like anything else, the more you dedicate to learning the craft of homebrewing, the better your final product will taste. Craft A Brew

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One of the hallmarks of a great hobby is that it gives back as much as you put into it. Like fly fishing or chess, homebrewing is one of those pastimes where you can never learn it all. Enjoyment is found in the process as much as the final product. With an easy to use home-brewing kit, even a rookie can make a great batch right out of the gate. Learn the basic brewing techniques, and then build your supplies and expertise from there, and true craft will follow.