Three Ways a Candle Can Brighten Any Room

Whether you prefer the soft glow of a single flame, or the fragrance of fresh cut flowers, a candle has the power to set just the mood you’re looking for.

Candles literally and figuratively light up a room. It doesn’t matter whether that’s during a power outage or at a table setting for a five-course meal, the humble candle adds security, ambience, and even a bit of warmth. They can serve as both an ornament and air freshener while not in use, and when it’s time to turn the lights down low, nothing sets the mood better than a flickering flame. All households should keep at least one candle on hand; up to a half dozen or so for emergency use is not unreasonable. Here are a few options to help you see the light.

Scented Candles

The smell from a scented candle can be both comforting and relaxing. Yankee Candle

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Like taste and color sensibility, one’s sense of smell is a personal affair. Aromas that some find pleasing may be mildly repulsive to others. When in doubt, go with a floral scent like rose or daffodil, or try an aromatic such as evergreen boughs. Unless the manufacturer’s sniffer is completely off, it’s hard to go wrong with the smell of freshly cut flowers.


Small tea lights provide just the right amount of ambient light for six to seven hours. Stonebriar

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Tealights are candle discs molded in a small tin cup. They may be used individually, but given their diminutive size, tealights are best suited for multiple lighting points. The tin allows the wax to liquifying while lit, maximizing burn time and preventing spillage of hot wax. Originally developed to serve as a heat source over single-serving tea warmers, they are now popular for any setting, service, and ritual that benefits from multiple candles burning simultaneously.

Scents of Place

There are dozens of candles with specialized scents to help you set just the right mood. Homesick

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If a rose or gardenia scent is just too generic, maybe a whiff of home will brighten the mood. Candle-scenting technology has become so sophisticated that manufactures can recreate anything from the aroma of a California redwood forest to notes of ocean air breezing along Maryland’s Eastern Shore.