Three Things to Consider Before Stocking up on Bubble Mailers

Slow down and enjoy the art of snail mail.

The only thing better than receiving a fun piece of mail? Sending it! Here are three things to consider before buying bubble mailers.

Jumbo Pack

This tear-resistant plastic is available in multiple colors, sizes and quantities. METRONIC

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Whether you’re sending a birthday present or running a business, mail recipients appreciate a little flair. Colored envelopes are a fun, inexpensive way to liven up the daily trip to the mailbox and ensure that your package is opened first.

Eye-Catching Design

This lightweight packaging is made of heavy-duty plastic. HBlife

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It can feel wasteful to use a large envelope when mailing small items, but small envelopes can be expensive and hard to find. Consider buying a box of larger envelopes in one standard size and then modifying them to fit small items. Check postal guidelines to make sure packages adhere to sizing regulations—you’ll find that they’re pretty flexible!

Classic Pick

Opaque, multipurpose packaging for all kinds of letters and packages. Fuxury

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If sustainability is important to you, consider shopping for envelopes and mail labels (if you use them) that are made of recycled materials. If you’re on the receiving end of snail mail, keep in mind that plastic bubble mailers generally cannot be recycled with regular plastics and should be taken to special recycling centers. Many grocery stores allow customers to bring in such envelopes for recycling at no cost.