Three Reasons to Consider a Budget Friendly Laser Printer for Your Home or Office

Laser printers used to be so expensive they only made sense for big corporate offices. Now, they’re the great choice for more of us.

Finally, laser printers have become economical enough to recommend for small office and home use. Here’s what to look for in a model that might work for you.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This machine can spit out up to 22 pages per minute. Canon


Inkjet printers work by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto paper. Laser printers, on the other hand, heat up toner, which is basically ink powder. The “laser” part of the printer is a light which melts that powder onto paper.

Automatic Refills

This model can produce up to 32 pages per minute—and reorder toner if it senses levels are low. Brother


If you rarely need to print, go with laser over inkjet. Laser printers can sit dormant for a long time without the toner drying out the way inkjet ink can.

Automatic Feeder

This unit also works as a scanner. Brother


Laser printers are more precise and produce sharper images than inkjets, due to the differences between toner and ink. Plus, laser printers are faster. They usually average between 25 and 100 pages per minute—inkjets are closer to 10.