Three Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

Get the best instrument for your budget and you’ll be playing music before you know it.

Learning to play guitar is often a threshold experience for kids and adults alike. Whether it fuels rock star fantasies or appeals to an inner creative or musical core, playing an acoustic guitar opens a brand-new world. It starts with a playable guitar, and the typical starter budget calls for some discretion when it comes to what to look for in a guitar that won’t break the bank in case it doesn’t work out. You want a guitar with a playable neck action, and good intonation, that is sized to fit the player.

Straight Neck

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A straight-necked guitar gives you consistent distances between the strings and frets, a distance that’s not so high as to make it difficult for novice fingers to press down. There should be no fret buzz when strings are properly pressed. It should be consistently easy to play at least through the twelfth fret.


All-laminate construction makes this instrument particularly durable. Fender


Intonation basically means the guitar maintains its tune and stays in key as you progress up the fretboard. A digital tuner makes tuning strings easy to dial in.


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Smaller-sized people will find smaller guitars easier to play. There’s a world of difference in size between a parlor acoustic and a grand auditorium model. While there’s truth in the adage that a youngster might “grow into” a guitar, make sure they aren’t so discouraged as to quit before they have time to age.