Three Things to Consider Before Buying a 4K Camera

When you want your vacation photos or video to look perfect on your 4K TV, you’re going to need a camera that records 4K video.

So, you’ve finally got a 4K TV and it’s beautiful, but then you broadcast your old home movies, and they appear, “meh,” and a little lackluster. Why? There’s a good chance you recorded the videos in 1080p, 720p, or at an even lower resolution, and when you project it on a 4K screen, those pixels are getting stretched like crazy, making it look dull and unfocussed rather than tack sharp and detailed. So, before your next big video production, get yourself a 4K camera. The footage will be crisp, and the colors will wow you. There are thousands of options to choose from, but here are some ideas to help you start in the right direction.

This compact setup takes 24 megapixel still photos, 4K video, and you have several accessory options to choose from. Canon

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There’s a good chance you just want to take one camera with you, and that you’re going to want to shoot both photos and video, so it’s great to have a camera that’s adept at both. Cameras with interchangeable lens systems give you the ability to shoot just about anything, from super-wide shots in cathedrals to close-ups of birds in the distance.

This unit creates images and video with vibrant color. Panasonic

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Running out of space on your digital storage is the same as running out of film. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere and your SD cards are full (and not backed up on your computer already), you’re done shooting. That’s why you should opt for cameras that shoot with standard SD or Micro SD cards, which are seemingly available around every corner.

Tiny recorders can capture scenes at up to 60 frames per second and is drop, freeze, and dust resistant. GoPro

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If you’re going to be heading off the beaten path, onto rough trails, or into water, you might want to consider an action camera. These devices are small and light enough to stuff in your pant pocket or strap to your head, and they’re usually waterproof and drop, dust, and freeze resistant. You’ll get some amazing shooting angles on film and the footage looks great, too.