The number of people in the USA who meditate on a regular basis is on the up. Data from the CDC suggests that between 2012 and 2017, the number of regular meditators actually tripled as more and more people began to see the value in stilling the mind and calming the body. And while you can meditate anywhere, having a dedicated cushion can help. Here’s what to bear in mind before you purchase…

100% Vegan

Long, thick and portable, made from eco-suede and recycled foam, this is ideal for all types of stretching workouts as well as quiet reflection, and comes in three pastel shades. Ajna Yoga

The shape of the cushion that you buy will depend on your preferred meditation position. If you like to meditate lying on your back, you might look for a bolster that will support your spine, whereas if you prefer to sit cross-legged, a traditional round cushion might be a better choice. The less flexible you are, the higher off the ground your cushion should be, as your hips and knees won’t have to bend quite so much to get into a cross-legged position.

Customized Firmness

With a calming wave design stitched into it, this rounded option is filled with a supportive natural material and ideal for yoga or contemplative practices. Brentwood Home

Meditation cushions may be stuffed with a variety of different materials, including different types of foam and cotton or synthetic stuffing—you might even want to look for more unusual fillings, such as buckwheat. This type of filling will make a cushion heavier, so it might be less portable, but it can also be moulded to give you firm support exactly where you need it, and as your flexibility improves, you can adjust how high off the floor you are sitting.

Versatile Design

Robust cord-covered choice as suitable for workouts, as for lounging. Blends seamlessly with your decor, and comes in twelve different colors. HIGOGOGO

Does the colour of your cushion matter? It depends whether you’re talking to an interior designer or a feng shui expert. The former might advise that you pick a cushion that fits in with your decor, while the latter might suggest that you pick a colour that will aid your meditation practise. Red, for example, is said to boost energy, while blue is more calming and relaxing.