Three Things To Consider When Buying A Men’s Beanie

A good beanie can keep your head warm when other hats fail.

In decades past, outdoorsmen often lectured newbies on how 90 percent of the body’s heat could be lost through the head without a suitable hat, using that as the reason to have adequate headwear during inclement weather. While more modern research has shown that you can really lose only about 10 percent of your body heat through your head, when the weather gets cold and wet, a good hat is a must for staying warm and dry. For many who spend lots of time outdoors doing various cold-weather activities, a beanie gets the job done better than just about any other type of hat or cap. To pick the best beanie for you, read on!

Stay Dry

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In cold weather, a wet head is a cold head. And a cold, wet head will always lead to the rest of your body following suit. Consequently, you’ll be forced to go inside and miss out on whatever outdoor activities you were trying to enjoy. Beanies made of acrylic are often best for those planning to wear them during wet weather, as they not only keep moisture outside away from your head, but also wick sweat from your head to keep it even dryer.

Stay Warm

Made of 100 percent polyester, this stretchable headwear is constructed so one size works on all heads. OZERO

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In extremely cold weather, it’s never bad to choose the warmest beanie you can find. Most beanies are one-size-fits-all, but since some are not, it’s important to check sizes when making a purchase. Beanie materials range from cotton to wool to polyester-type fabrics, so choose the material that best fits your needs.

Stay Hip

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Of course, beanies are made for more than just keeping your head warm. Find the right beanie, and you’ll be making a fashion statement that is hard to make with any other article of clothing. Different kinds of materials, stitching and construction means there are many different looks beanies can offer. Who knows: You might just need two or three, depending on what else you’ll be wearing out into the cold!