Three Things to Think About Before Buying a New Desk

If you’re thinking about revamping your office space with a new desk, take a few things into account before you shop.

The good news for those revamping their home office space is that there have never been more great choices for desks. The challenge is finding the desk that’s just right for your purpose. Are you going to use it for business work in the den or do you need a stylish design that will accommodate your laptop but also double as a worktop in the kitchen? Before you purchase your new desk, consider these key factors.

Top-Quality Construction

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Desks come in all shapes and sizes but knowing what you want to use your desk for will help your narrow the field. Do you live in a tiny apartment and need something portable that’s easy to fold up to maximize space? Are you looking for a “desk” that will also double as additional counter space in the kitchen? Is the space you’re considering for your home office large enough to accommodate a full-size desk in the middle of the room, or might an L-shaped corner model utilize your office space better? After you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to move on to sizing.

Great for Small Spaces

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Ergonomics are important if you plan on spending extended periods of time seated at your desk. Standard desktops have a height of 30 inches. That will work for most people, but none of us are built the same. The perfect desk height should allow you to rest your hands on your desk when your elbows are hanging straight down at your sides and your forearms are extended straight out at 90 degrees. Bear in mind that you can always raise your desk seat to get you to the perfect height. Make sure your desk is deep enough that you can position your monitor an arm’s length away for best viewing.

Lots of Work Space

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Maybe you don’t have a need to stash a bunch of stuff, but having drawers for stowing pencils and Post-its, and cubbies for stashing printer paper and files are important considerations. Full-extension drawers are nice so you can access files that are at the back of the drawer. Just be sure they can hold the types of files (standard or legal) you use most.

If your workspace looks nice and feels welcoming, you’ll want to spend more time there and you may actually see your productivity increase. Spending a few more dollars is worth it to buy a desk that really looks nice in the room where you’re going to work. Consider natural light coming in through windows as well to prevent glaring sun from hitting your computer screen.