Three Things to Consider Before Buying Hiking Shoes for Your Kids

Before you take a child on a walkabout, make sure they have the proper footwear.

man and kid hiking
A good pair of hiking boots means your child will be able to keep the pace and not have sore feet at the end of the day.Yogendra Singh

Nobody wants to slip and slide on a muddy creek bank or rocky trail. Getting kids hiking should be a super-fun activity, and the right hiking boots provide a firm foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle. When homing in on which boots are perfect for your kid, here are three things to know about the differences between all the choices.

Ankle Cut or Low Cut

kids Hiking Shoe
This product has a mesh upper for breathability.Merrell

Low-cut hiking boots are great for general-purpose play in the woods, on bikes, and on tree-climbing expeditions. If you’re headed out for a challenging trail, or if your child will be carrying a pack, go for ankle-cut boots for more support.


kids Water Resistant Hiking Boots
This product has a tough, abrasion-resistant toe cap to protect feet during active play.Mishansha

Getting kids dressed for hiking can be a pain. All that squirming! If your children struggle with tying the laces on their everyday shoes, messing with boot laces and knots is definitely something to avoid. For younger kids, especially, look for boots and shoes with hook-and-loop straps instead of laces. Getting boots on quick and easy will make for happier hikers.

Grippy Soles

Kids Hiking Boots
This model has it all: A dense windproof outer fabric and a plush warm liner.JMFCHI

If your kids hike and play in mud, snow, or other slick conditions, they’ll need boots that will keep their feet firmly planted. Look for aggressive outsole patterns with deep cleats. Some shoes are even made with metal non-slip claws for a solid grip.