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If a ‘can’t miss’ kids’ gift exists it has to be Lego-related. Any child old enough to understand you can’t be swallowing them will appreciate their appeal, something that Legos has franchised across the board with books, movies, and age-appropriate projects appealing to both boys and girls from three into their teens. Often linking cultural phenomena like Harry Potter and Star Trek with their latest offerings, Legos have broad appeal. Here are three ideas (plus a bonus!) for gifts for kids who love Legos.

1: Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer

Here’s a color-coded storage system to help organize and keep track of Legos and other small toys. Tot Tutors

Every child who’s ever had any Legos soon learns the value of having a place to keep them. Parents learn this even sooner! Color-coded systems promote child development, support parental efforts encouraging organizing skills and contribute to parental sanity.

2: Lego Table with chairs and storage

This Lego-surfaced table comes with storage bins and a pair of chairs. UTEX

Sooner rather than later kids who love Legos need a permanent place to work on their Lego sets and projects. A Lego table is equipped with a locking surface for Lego bricks, providing your little Lego lovers with a secure surface for building where their projects won’t slide or topple with that inevitable bump. Lego tables also help contain the pieces, a fine alternative to disassembling your vacuum in search of that missing canopy for an X-5 Starfighter.

3: Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

This 2019 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar features 280 pieces, and will build 24 action figures. LEGO

Advent calendars are among the more popular family traditions for the holidays, and, of course, Lego is right there with the perfect set for 2019, featuring the latest Star Wars phenomenon. Each day opens a new door, revealing another Lego Star Wars character, vehicle or starship. Which door conceals Luke Skywalker?

4: Bonus Idea: Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

In addition to assorted bricks and baseplates, this kit offers windows and wheels. LEGO

Sooner or later every Lego-loving youngster needs extra parts, whether for building new projects, adding onto older ones or replacing that inevitably lost piece. This kit features 484 construction blocks that fit perfectly with the universal Lego brick system.