No matter what time of year it is, weather can wreak havoc on your car. The sun is as damaging to a vehicle as any inclement weather: when it’s hot, you can overheat electronics, fade upholstery and make your car generally uncomfortable. In cooler times, your car’s heat evaporates quickly when it’s parked and some sun shades can help.

This item is available in a variety of widths to span the length of the top of your dashboard. EcoNour

Sun shades are especially useful in sunny climates; we’ve all had that feeling of opening a parked car’s door and feeling a blast of oppressive heat. Waiting for the car to cool down can take awhile, so why not ensure it never gets quite that hot to begin with? Metallic shades in particular do a great job of reflecting sunlight away from entering through the largest piece of glass on the car so if you’re in a particularly bright part of the country, look for reflective shades.

This product folds down to fit inside a side-door pocket, and comes with a carrying case. AmazonBasics

It might seem difficult to figure out exactly what size sun shade is right for your car, but don’t be intimidated. For one thing, many sun shades are designed to be universal fit—or, at least, universal-ish. These sun shades will be oversized for the vast majority of windshields, and will fold to fit. For those that offer different sizes, make sure to consult the charts provided before you buy, because you might be surprised at what size you actually need. Windshield size isn’t always correlated with car size; the Honda Civic, for example, has a larger windshield than some pickup trucks.

With a two-part design, this model fits many different autos. A1 Shades

There are several different designs of sun shades. You might find “universal” sun shades or custom-fit shades for your specific make and model of car. Two-part designs are also common, and are sort of universal: instead of folding extra material, you simply overlap the two pieces to fit your windshield. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which design works for your car—the best option is the one that keeps it shady and cool.