A chaise lounge is the perfect piece of furniture for relaxing on a hot day. Constructed from teak wood, aluminum, plastic, hardwood, or wicker, lounges are built to withstand long hours under the sun. Most collapse or stack when it’s time for storage.

Ideal for the beach or pool, this portable four-position chair has arm slots and a pillow. Ostrich

Before you start shopping, measure the available space where you plan to place a lounge. The most common chaise lounge size is 78.5-inches long, 27-inches wide, and just over 16 inches tall. Some models are wider depending on the span between the outside of the armrests, but by measuring first, you can eliminate lounges too large for the space from consideration.

Great Value

This multi-functional piece features a split backrest that adjusts from sitting to sleeping. DHP

Chaise lounges can be constructed from a variety of different materials and each has certain advantages. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant so you can leave it in the rain. Teak is weather resistant as long as you keep the wood oiled to prevent it from weathering. Wicker allows air to flow through. However, the same nooks and crannies collect dirt, which makes it harder to clean. Hardwood has a nice, rich look and is far more durable than softwood because it’s less prone to dents and scratches. Plastic is another option that will stand up to any kind of weather. Plastic lounges can be heavy to move around, however, and plastic can fade over time if left in the sun.

Also Consider

These woven models are weather resistant. Christopher Knight Home

Also, consider where your lounge will go when you put it away for the season. Folding aluminum models take up little space and can easily fit in a basement or garage. Chairs made with other materials are often stackable to take up less room. Wicker chairs can look just as good inside as they do out, so you can relocate them inside your home until the warm months return.