Reading should be a simple pleasure. But in certain situations, such as transcribing copy, drawing from reference materials, or attempting to follow a recipe in a cookbook, keeping the pages open can be awkward at best. A book stand lends a helping hand to any multitasking effort that involves reading. It can also serve as a convenient tablet holder to bring the screen into an upright position and minimize neck strain. Here’s how to find your perfect book butler.

This model is ideal for holding music scores and recipes. wishacc

Whether you choose a stand made of metal, wood or bamboo is a matter of personal taste. The practical consideration is how well it will hold open the pages. Long clips made of flexible spring metal with a protective tip do the best job without the risk of tearing pages. An adjustable backrest makes it easy to find the perfect reading angle.

Great Value

This model is both extendable and adjustable. CAHAYA

If you need a stand that can pull double duty from the kitchen table to the piano room, consider a convertible stand suitable for either books or sheet music. A detachable, telescoping stand is a versatile aid for reading any material from a standing, desktop, or sitting position.

Also Consider

This model is small and lightweight and great for books or paintings. Artliving

Even a picture stand can serve as a caddy for smaller volumes. You won’t read War and Peace off of it, but a discrete little photo prop may be all you need to hold open a small cookbook or manual.