The traditional simple gold wedding band has its admirers, but it’s not for everyone—male or female. Maybe it’s your sense of style that makes you not want to wear a gold band. Maybe you don’t feel a need to follow tradition. Maybe it’s simply your personality. Fortunately, there are several alternative styles of wedding bands available. Here’s a guide to finding the best nontraditional wedding band for you and/or your loved one.

This model is flexible, making it ideal for those with large knuckles or swollen fingers. ThunderFit

Jimmy Fallon probably wishes he was wearing a silicone wedding band when he suffered a ring avulsion to his ring finger. The painful injury, caused by his wedding ring catching on a piece of furniture when he fell, required surgery to repair. That was a freak accident, but people who work with or near machinery, or spend a lot of time on gym equipment, should consider a silicone wedding band. These rings are designed to stretch or even break when caught on machinery or a stationary object before it can do any damage to your finger. The inexpensive silicone ring can also be used as a substitute for a traditional ring when traveling, to ease any concern about theft, and because they stretch, they’re easy to remove.

The slanted edges on this model make it pleasant to wear 24/7. King Will

Rings made of tungsten carbide have numerous advantages over gold rings. They’re extremely hard, and won’t bend or deform over time. They’re nearly scratch-proof. Tungsten is not a precious metal, so they’re not likely to be stolen, and tungsten rings can be engraved. If you’re looking for a lifetime ring—to match that of the commitment to your spouse—a tungsten ring is an excellent choice.

The outer band has a textured finish and is available in seven colors. ALEXTINA

If you don’t wear rings regularly or find them distracting (we’ve all seen people taking their rings on and off, seemingly without realizing it), or if you simply are happier when your fingers are doing something, a spinner wedding ring is a good choice. A spinner ring has an outer band that spins around an inner one. Turning that outer band is an ideal distraction for the busy-handed person, and won’t be very obvious to others, and it will always be at hand; literally.