There is more to picking out a showerhead than just the look and finish. In the world of plumbing fixtures, there is as much variety in this category as any other. In addition to an overwhelming range of styles, different showerheads have different benefits. They will all get you clean, but some are more relaxing, others more flexible, and still others better at massaging sore muscles or reaching nether regions. When it comes time to update the existing bath or add a new one, keep these design basics in mind.

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There are four types of showerhead: fixed, handheld, adjustable, and combination. Fixed heads are the most common. They usually mount in a wall above the shower valve, or sometimes in the ceiling for a rainfall effect. Handheld showerheads give you the fixed-head spray but also can be dismounted to scrub feet, legs, pits, and of course, the family pet. Adjustable fixtures incorporate an articulated arm, which is good for changing the angle on different body types. Combination showers have both a fixed head and a handheld fixture that works independently.

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Spray types range from a light mist to pulsing torrents. If you like to vary your showering experience somewhere between summer rains and a firehose, look for a head with multiple adjustable settings. That will give you the best of both worlds.

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Work in unison with the style of your vanity fixtures. Do not select a square contemporary chrome faucet and pair it with a round antique brass shower head. Most faucet sets have matching shower kits that will complement the bathroom motif. So, do your research and remember that it all needs to work together.