There’s nothing worse than shaky, blurry videos. However, there are ways to take out the shake, and dial up the professional quality, of your smartphone videos. Smartphone stabilizers use interior gimbals with brushless motors to stabilize video capture and allow you to pan, tilt, zoom, and capture movement like a pro shooter with a dedicated video cam. You can run alongside your skateboarding pal or three-year-old grandson, and capture all the action in a smooth, focused video. There’s no better way to step up your social media chops.

This product also telescopes out to function as a portable selfie stick. DJI

Gimbal stabilizers come with either single-, double-, or triple-axis technology. A single-axis stabilizer will help prevent shaky and blurry videos. A double-axis device helps with tilt and roll shaking, while a triple-axis stabilizer tames tilt, roll, and pan shakiness. The more technology incorporated into a stick, the higher the quality of the video you’ll be able to produce, though keep in mind you may not need professional-grade triple-axis engineering for basic home use.

This model has subject-tracking technology for professional-style recording. DJI

Some basic stabilizers are simple to mount and shoot—you fix a smartphone to the device and you’re ready to record. More advanced stabilizers require you to download an app which then pairs with a device. These are still simple and intuitive and can provide an incredible set of tools for high-quality video.

This kit includes extras like a carry bag. Lofter

As with all electronics, powerful gizmos can suck down battery life. If you’re thinking about heavy-duty, extended-time video shoots, go with a stabilizer powered with alkaline batteries, which typically last longer than rechargeable batteries.