Some people consider AirPods the best product Apple has designed in years. That’s quite a statement given all the company manufactures, but is the statement true? That’s up to you to decide. If you haven’t already jumped on the AirPod bandwagon, now may be the right time so you can decide for yourself. Be sure you get the right AirPod case to keep these babies safe because they are more fragile than headphones of the past. Here are a few ways to tell if you’re getting exactly what you need.

Unlike the brand’s normal headphones, these come without the chord (which is a huge difference). AHASTYLE

While not everyone loves the design of AirPods, they aren’t much different from their predecessor. The biggest difference is the lack of chord, and that is a huge deal for many people. AirPods stay in your ear more securely than you may think, even though they feel as if they may fall out. But where the AirPod design really shines is in the case concept. This small, compact home for your AirPods keeps them safe and charges them for your next use.

Great Value

Clip them on and carry them everywhere. Hamile

Connecting your AirPods to your phone may be the easiest Bluetooth experience you have. It doesn’t even require you going into your settings. Simply open up the handy case near your phone, and voila! You’ll see a message on your phone noting that it’s now paired with the headphones. From there, you can enjoy your listening experience.

Also Consider

These are specifically designed for female customers. Filoto

AirPods are your way to listen to music and podcasts, but they are also your way to connect with Siri as well as other people via phone calls. Answer a call on your AirPods with a simple double-tap and chat, hands-free to your heart’s delight. To keep the function at its best, keep your headphones charged via the AirPod case when not in use.