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Inflatable loungers let you carry the comfort of a living-room couch outside. Most weigh less than a pound and compress into a pack the size of a loaf of bread, so you can bring one just about anywhere. Loungers don’t require a pump to inflate and can hold air for four to six hours. You can even use one as a float in a pool or pond. Here’s how to choose the best one to help you relax.

Top Pick

This outdoor seat retains air for up to six hours. Wekapo

After you master the trick of trapping air in the chambers, which can sometimes be cumbersome, you’ll want it to hold air for at least a few hours. Read the product description to learn how long a lounger should hold air before needing re-inflated and make sure it’s long enough to make it worth the work.

Great Value

This lounger weighs less than three pounds. Chillbo

An inflatable lounger’s durability and ability to retain air depends on the quality of the materials and construction. High grade (parachute grade) nylon is the standard, and some loungers feature a coating that seals pores to help retain air. Most are lightweight, easy to clean, and flame, mold, and water-resistant.

Easy to Inflate

This recliner holds up to 400 pounds. AlphaBeing

Inflatable loungers come in different sizes and configurations, and so weight capacities vary. Be sure the one you choose can support the weight you plan to put on it.