You want to avoid the hassle and clutter of placing a real tree in your home—we get it. The mess, the daily watering, the droppings, and the flammability is too much to deal with. When you reach that point, it’s time to invest in an artificial tree. But which artificial tree should you get? Here’s a guide to picking an artificial based on how you feel about the whole process of putting up a tree and trimming it.

The Best Choice Premium Spruce looks like a real spruce, with 1,346 branch tips. Best Choice Products

If you look forward to the whole process of putting up and decorating a tree—and if you think that the selection and placement of tree lights is an art form—you should get a plain artificial tree with no adornment, which allows you to get whatever lights you like and place as many or as few of them as you want, wherever you want them (and, because such a tree is comparatively inexpensive, you’ll save a few bucks too).

Avoid the hassle of dealing with and adding your own lights, with National Tree’s Dunhill pre-lit artificial fir tree. National Tree Company

Wrapping strands of lights around a tree is something that people generally either like to do or, at best, just want to get it over with, and removing those light strands at the end of the season is something that very few people regard as merrymaking. If that’s you, consider getting an artificial tree with pre-strung lights. Once you put such a tree together, you can dive right into adding other decorations.

The Best Choice pre-lit snow-flocked tree is festive by itself and needs little to no trimming, saving you time. Best Choice Products

If you want to spend as little time as possible trimming a tree—or no time at all—and just want to put up something that looks good, get an artificial tree that has both pre-strung lights and snow-flocked limbs. These trees look great out of the box. Spend a few minutes throwing on some colorful ornaments, and you’ll have a spectacular lighted tree in your home while most other people are still trying to fit a real tree through their front door.