Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Bird Bath

Birdbaths are a great way to observe wild, winged creatures as they take a break from their daily routine to refresh and sip a drink.

Unless your favorite movie is Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds, the thought of attracting more of these beautiful creatures to your backyard probably fills you with joy. Birdwatching is a popular, multi-generational, year-round activity that helps connect you to nature. Even while watching through a window it’s hard not to feel closer to the earth, and by providing a bird bath you’re helping make the world a better place for birds. When making a bird bath, consider how easy it will be to clean it regularly, its durability and how best to offer water in as natural a way as possible.

Classy and Classic

This classic option can be staked to the ground for great stability. VIVOHOME

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Bird baths need frequent cleaning because they foul easily and in warmer weather can develop algae. Use a bath that doesn’t make cleaning a chore.

Ceiling Placement

A wide, shallow bowl lets multiple winged friends drink up together. Alpine Corporation

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Some inexpensive bird baths won’t withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, and others are prone to cracking or chipping, particularly if you live where freezing and thawing occurs regularly. More fragile baths should be brought inside during winter, but that defeats the purpose of making water available to your winter backyard birds.

Unique Design

Adjust the height to minimize cat and other critter predation. MUMTOP

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A proper bird bath will be shallow, ranging from only a half to two inches deep. Its bottom should be a non-slip surface of rough concrete or sand, with rocks and an edge to allow perching. It should be kept full of water, and preferably located in a shady area. Most birds prefer a bath on or close to the ground, but if cats are a possibility the bath should be higher.