Three Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Treats

Reward your favorite pet with something tasty and healthy they’ll enjoy.

Milk-bone dog treat
Dog treats are one of the most common “tools” for teaching a dog good behavior and voice commands. Milk-bone Milk-bone

Canine nutrition isn’t limited to what’s in your dog’s bowl. The foods with which we choose to reward a pup are just as important as what they get at mealtime. There are plenty of options for treating your dog, and each has a different role in his or her health. When you are looking to both nourish your dog’s state of mind and show how much you love them, there are a few things to consider before choosing a treat.

Atta’ Boys

Whenever you introduce a new food to your dog’s diet, monitor their digestion in case sometime upsets their stomach. Milk-Bone


The tried-and-true hard biscuit treat is both a reward for good behavior and good for a dog’s dental hygiene. The coarse chews help remove plaque and stains from teeth while minimizing pooch breath. When trying out any new treat, monitor your dog’s digestion to make sure it is not upsetting their stomach.

Dental Chews

Some dog treats do more for your dog than simply reward them for good behavior. Greenies


Chews intended specifically for dental hygiene may also be pliable and soft enough that a dog’s teeth can penetrate deeply. Dogs love the chewy texture, which gently massages and stimulates the gum line while they enjoy their treat.

Training Treats

Low calorie treats can help your dog avoid packing on the pounds. Zuke’s


Obedience training calls for treats in much smaller portions that can be doled out repeatedly. They key here is to find a flavor and texture to which your dog best responds. Check the calorie count per treat and resist the temptation to overindulge them.