A set of domino blocks is a basic children’s toy, but it’s a toy that a child will pull out of the closet for years because they’re fun and easy to play with and hardly ever break. What’s more, kids can make a total mess with blocks, but they’re easy to clean up. A good set helps young minds learn and identify colors and shapes, and stacking blocks and creating designs nurtures creativity, coordination, and the ability to think in several dimensions. But before you invest in a set of blocks, make sure it has these three features.

This kit has a dozen different hues to promote learning and creativity. MorTime

Color variety is important for young children because they are building their vocabulary by learning about the world around them. The more colors, the more they’ll learn. Another reason to look for color variety is it enables kids to cultivate their artistic side by mixing and matching certain colors in their projects.

Great Value

The non-toxic paint on this product doesn’t fade. Hape

Domino blocks are one of the toughest toys around, but parents know how tough kids can be on toys. Make sure the domino set you get uses a bright, durable dye on quality wooden blocks, so they’ll last through the years without showing signs of wear.

Fun to Play

The pieces in this collection come in 10 different colors. Lewo

Kids can get frustrated, so make sure the domino blocks you get are cut perfectly square so they stand up straight and steady. It’s important if a child decides to build a domino train because having just one block fall can cause the rest of the row to tumble.