The last time you mowed over your garden hose hidden in the high grass reminded you that you were going to find a hose storage solution the entire family would use. But, how to choose the best reel for your needs? Might there be something out there fun and easy enough that the kids will use it after their latest sprinkler wars? Here are some factors to consider when looking at a solution for storing your garden hose.

Top Pick

This option holds more than 200 feet of tubing and is durable enough to stay outdoors year-round. Suncast

How long is your garden hose? Some homeowners join together two or more hoses to reach tough places. Fifty feet of ¾ inch hose requires more storage than the same length in ½ inch. Determine your capacity needs and shop for a storage reel that can handle it.

Great Value

Comes fully assembled and ready to be mounted. AMES

While a reel is simply a reel which rolls up your hose, there are a number of designs used to house the reel. Some are simply decorative and your choice is based on how fancy you want to be with your hose house. Others are based on portability and in some case the ergonomics of reeling in the hose. Choose the design that works best for you.

Stylish and Useful

This product is made from cast aluminum, which is durable and weather-resistant. Liberty Garden

There are hose reels constructed of plastic material that quickly gets brittle from sunlight exposure. Use care in choosing a reel that will last at least as long as the hose it carries.