Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Karaoke Microphone

Not all voices are the same, so if you want to sound like a superstar singer when it’s your turn on the Karaoke machine, you should put some thought into the microphone you plan to use.

Regardless of fairy tales, the dismal truth is there’s little that can make a froggy voice sound like Andrea Bocelli’s. You can crank up the reverb and even find an auto-tuning program to at least help keep your singing in key, but the reality is, some of us can sing and some of us can’t. And there’s a lot of us that can’t tell the difference, which is probably good, but it’s not something karaoke will fix.

What can help, though, is a decent microphone. When upgrading your microphone, consider the relationship between cost and quality, how you’re planning to use it, and its compatibility with your karaoke system.

Massive Cordless Range

This allows each singer to control their settings individually during duets. Fifine

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There’s no way around the cost = quality equation when you’re talking about microphones. How much is it worth that your karaoke singing sounds good? You’ll get what you pay for, and you’ll quickly hear the difference.

Easy to Use

This system is adaptable for crooning, speaking and recording. Bietrun

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How are you using your mic? Will it be just you, or will you be singing duets? How many mics will you need? Are you planning to record with it? Use as a speaking mic as well as singing? Is there a lot of ambient noise when you use it? The better microphones take these and other factors into consideration, enabling you to match the mic to the planned use.

Funky Design

This one can also be connected to your smartphone and other devices. BONAOK

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Is the microphone compatible with your karaoke system? While many compatibility issues can be solved with adapters, you’ll want to check the match of your new mic with your system. If you need Bluetooth compatibility and your system won’t accept it, you’re up the creek without a paddle.