Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Tablet for Kids

An electronic tablet is a great learning and communication tool in the hands of a child.

It wasn’t that long ago that toys for toddlers meant something that was stackable, made of slime, or featured a pull cord. But today’s tots are more likely to pine for a tablet device to help them explore, learn, and laugh with the digital world around them. But no one in their right mind would hand an $800 tablet to Bam Bam on his birthday. That’s where kid’s e-tablets come to the rescue. They have all the functionality of a grown-up tablet, such as onboard cameras, apps, and high-resolution screens, but are designed specifically for the little darlings. If you are searching for a first tablet for your child, keep these key features in mind.

Multiple Colors

This model has parental controls so you can dictate what your child has access to. vankyo

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The number one virtue of any digital device intended for children must be robust parental controls. They should allow mom or dad to block inappropriate content and lock the child out of in-app purchases (digital race-car fuel and virtual pets are expensive). Additional controls to limit the amount of time a child has access to the device will discourage compulsive behavior and teach moderation in digital usage.

Lightweight & Shock-Proof

This device arrives loaded with a few kid-friendly apps. TOPELOTEK

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A shock-resistant cover or case is essential. Some are built-in to the device; others require an aftermarket case purchase. Regardless of which type you choose, any electronic device in the hands of a child is vulnerable to abuse, so compare warranties carefully. Some even offer an unlimited warranty and will replace the machine for any reason within the coverage period.

Good for Ages 2 to 7

This unit has a fast processor. Dragon Touch

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Preloaded content and apps are an important consideration, and tablets that are marketed specifically for children are more likely to include age-appropriate material. Books, educational videos and games, browsers, puzzles, and other onboard content created specifically for young eyes and ears are a great way to teach a child how to use their newfound digital independence productively and safely.

Also Consider:

13-Hour Battery Life

You can set time limits on this machine so your child isn’t online all day. Samsung

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Total Bargain

This model has a high-definition screen. VANKYO

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