Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Kitchen Table

Kitchen tables are usually more than a place people gather to eat, so consider what other activities you might use it for.

When in the market for a kitchen table, there are some things you want to look for. Sure, style is very important—you want your kitchen table to match the rest of your kitchen and home. However, there are other things structurally speaking that can make or break your table. One of them is the size. This likely depends on how many people you plan to have using your table at any given time. Another is the shape. Square and round are the most popular shapes. Third is how many chairs or how much seating space your table needs. Here are some notes on each consideration you should remember as you shop.

Multi-Functional Design

This option comes in four different wood finishes to match your style and home. HOMURY

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Do you have a big dining room you’re looking to fill? Or do you have a small breakfast nook that necessitates a small kitchen table? Kitchen tables come in all sizes, so it’s important to know what size is best for your specific space because everyone’s is different. Measure not once, but twice, and write down your dimensions so you don’t forget them.

Great for Families

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Most kitchen tables are square or round and which one you get depends upon a couple things. First, your personal preference. You may simply like a square table more than you like a round one. Second, your space. You may not have enough space for a square table. Round tables take up less space because they don’t have corners, so if you’re short on space, a round kitchen table is the way to go.

Easy to Assemble

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Do you live alone, or do you have a family of six? Your kitchen table also consists of seating, so you want to think about how many spots you want for people to sit at your table. There is the option for chairs, or you may be more of a bench-style person. Some people opt to do a mix of both. Make sure that the kitchen table you’re buying has enough room for all the seats you need if you know you want more than a couple.