Three Things to Consider Before Buying Lawn and Leaf Bags

Nobody likes to do yardwork but having a reliable roll of garbage sacks can make the chore easier.

It’s everyone’s un-favorite pastime—raking the monstrous mountains of leaves that fall, the shrub cuttings that pile up, the waste from pruning and clipping. Ugh. One thing that will make the task go fast and easy is a strong bag that won’t tear or rip when you stuff it or drag it across the yard. There are lots of choices when it comes to tear strength, size, and design, so think through these options and choose the yard waste bag that will help you get the job done in a jiffy.

Strong and Dependable

These sacks are best for raking leaves. Amazon


If all you’re doing is filling bags with fallen leaves, you can get away with thin-walled lawn and leaf bags. But if you’re raking up sticks and broken branches, or cramming shrub cuttings and other hard, pointy items into the bag, you’ll do better to step up to stout bags made of 3mm material or sacks marked as contractor bags.

For Large Volumes

At three millimeters thick, these sacks can handle dense, bulky items. Amazon


It’s one thing to stuff a leaf bag full of half of your front yard. It’s another thing to pick it up. Some folks love the drawstring approach for ease and simplicity. Others prefer bags with handle flaps around the top you can tie together to close up a bag.

Custom Designed

Tear-resistant and enormous, these sacks have a huge capacity. Amazon


Don’t be on the fence about bag size. You may not ever feel you need something that holds so much. But that one time that you do and don’t have large-capacity bags, you’ll be singing the blues. Buy bigger just in case.