Three Things to Consider Before Buying Margarita Glasses

How to pair the famous tequila cocktail with the right drinkware.

There’s something about a margarita that evokes thoughts of sunshine, warm weather, music, and laughter. That’s true whether you’re having one on a beach, or on an ice floe in Nome during the winter solstice. Even a margarita glass itself is fun. It looks like an extra-large champagne glass, but with an extra-large bowl at the bottom, so it can hold even more loudmouth soup. But that doesn’t mean all margarita glasses are the same. Different types of margarita glasses serve specific functions. Here are three glasses that will make your margarita the life of the party, no matter what kind of party you’re having.

Long-Stem Option

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If you’re hosting guests for a fine indoor meal, serve your margaritas in clear, quality glass with a shape modeled after a champagne or martini glass. You don’t want crystal—it’s thin and doesn’t insulate well. Thicker glass is better because it will help your guests’ margaritas stay cold.

Temperature Control

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Having a margarita in the backyard with friends on a warm day is a great way to relax—until someone drops a margarita glass on the patio. It’s bound to happen with an icy cold drink in hot weather because condensation buildup causes a glass to get slippery. You can keep drinks cold and your backyard safe with insulated, plastic margarita glasses. Look for glasses filed with a cooling gel. Pop them in the freezer a couple of hours before your party, and those margaritas will stay cold from the first sip to last drop.

Lead-Free Materials

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If you’re cooking Mexican food or celebrating Cinco de Mayo, get margarita glasses with some color that reflects Mexico’s many cultures. The same set can also double as serving dishes for salsa or guacamole, making your get-together cheerful and spirited, which is the whole point of a margarita, after all.