Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Selfie Stick

Carrying a small, lightweight, and sturdy selfie stick or tripod can help you capture those magical moments when there’s nobody around to press the shutter button.

Selfie sticks get a bad rap, but a good one can really up your photo and video game. There are dozens of sizes to choose from, and features you may not have known about, such as Bluetooth connectivity, tripod legs, and even lighting. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you shop.

This stick can extend to a whopping 51 inches, and it has burly, non-skid tripod feet that fold out. Fugetek

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Of course, everybody knows the selfie-stick angle, but a good stick is very versatile. You want one that can extend to a wide variety of lengths and lock tight at any of them. If a selfie stick has fold-out tripod legs and detachable Bluetooth remote controls, all the better. That lets you set it up and take self-portraits that look like you had a personal photographer with you.

This selfie stick folds up into a nice little package and can extend to 27 inches and then fold down to just under 8 inches. Erligpowht

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Size is a major consideration for selfie sticks. You want one that can lock in tightly at any length, whether you’re keeping the pole short for a close-up (or because you’re in a tight space) or extending it all the way to get more of you and the scene in the shot. Some selfie-sticks can be as long as ten feet, but that may be a hazard for you and others. As important as the maximum extension, though, is how small it is when it’s folded up. After all, you’re not going to get any use out of it if it’s a hassle to carry. Look for sticks that fold up nice and small and fit easily into a backpack or even jacket pocket.

This selfie stick can illuminate whatever you’re photographing. Aptoyu

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People underestimate the importance of good lighting in photos, and especially in videos. If you have vlogging dreams, a selfie stick with a ring light may be just the ticket. Yes, you sacrifice some portability, but ring lights produce a nice, soft, diffusing glow that will really make your eyes pop and make your videos stand out from other selfie-productions out there.