The problem with making tacos at home is nobody knows when to stop: we stuff and overstuff hard shell tacos and soft tacos alike with every condiment in the kitchen, and then it’s impossible to pick the bloated meal off a plate. A taco holder solves that problem by holding tacos upright, restaurant-style, for a great delivery. The growing popularity of DIY tacos means there are tons of taco holders on the market. Some are great for hard-shell tacos but are a flop with soft tacos, and while some come in fun colors and shapes, they aren’t safe in an oven when you want to reheat your second helping. When you’re ready to stop the flop on taco night, here are three things to consider before buying taco holders.

This kit is easy to stack and store in drawers and cabinets. Aichoof

Taco holders typically come in either two-taco or three-taco arrangements, so think about how hungry your crowd is for multiple tacos and buy the appropriate number of holders. However, remember some taco holders are convertible—on one side they hold a double portion, on the other you can rack up three tacos side by side.

You can use this product on a grill. Aquach

There are a lot of colorful plastic taco holders out there, and they’ll hold up a fistful of tacos just as well as a metal holder. Just make sure the plastic is food-safe, BPA-free, and be aware that you might not be able to reheat tacos in the oven or microwave with some plastic holders.

This lip on the sides of this product makes it easy to grab and move from counter to tabletop. Fiesta Kitchen

Most taco holders have a V-shape tray that holds the tacos and can stabilize both hard-shell and soft tacos. If you like a flat-bottomed taco that you can stuff with meat, veggies, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and more, look for a holder with a shape that will handle a fat, flat-bottomed taco.