Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Three-Piece Furniture Set

How to pick a matching chair, loveseat, and couch that compliment your living room.

Your living room, by definition, needs furniture designed for your lifestyle. Regardless of whether you use it as a formal sitting room or a place where everyone congregates to watch TV, play games, or wrestle with the dog, your furniture should be well made, comfortable, and compliment the rest of your interior design. It most rooms, you can accomplish that with a sofa, a chair, and a loveseat, which is the standard formula for a three-piece living room set. Add in an ottoman, coffee or end table, and a lamp or two and you’ve got a great start on furnishing your living room.

The upholstery on this set is faux leather. Amazon

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Your living room furniture set should fit comfortably in the available space. Use a tape measure and graph paper to sketch out different furniture configurations and create a floor plan before you buy so you know if the dimensions of a set are too large or small for your space. If you want to take it a step farther, use masking tape to outline the dimensions of each piece on the floor, and get a better feel for how it might fit. Also, measure any doors you’ll need to carry pieces through to make sure you can get the furniture into your room in the first place.

This couch, loveseat, and chair have a classic look and contemporary style. Amazon

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Choose a furniture style that fits the theme or style you already have in your living room. Some furniture colors and styles are geared toward contemporary styles, while others might look a little more modern. Also, think about how you’ll use your room. Kids and pets can be hard on furniture, so a style and upholstery material that can hold up to the use and abuse, and features stain-resistant materials, might suit your home better than something that looks and feels different, but likely won’t be as resilient as you prefer.

The pieces in this collection are built around solid wood frames. Amazon

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Quality furniture often costs more but lasts much longer. Look for pieces made of solid hardwood with well-crafted joints, and quality steel springs. Be sure any moving parts (i.e.: recliners, convertible beds) function smoothly.