3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Toilet Brush

Not all toilet brushes are the same, so make sure you pick one that’s ready for what might be the dirtiest household chore

Toilet bowl brushes are like fillings in your teeth: There’s nothing fun about them, but you need them to take care of a problem before that problem gets worse. There’s no need to detail what that problem is in this case. Let’s just say that the toilet bowl brush, while maybe not the unsung hero of the bathroom, is unique in that it’s the only cleaning device that’s likely to be used by a house guest who has either gastrointestinal issues or a healthy appetite (or both).

Now imagine if that toilet bowl brush wasn’t available to that friend, relative, neighbor, or cable guy, and you walk into your bathroom, open the toilet lid, and…

Get the picture? OK, let’s move on to the three types of toilet bowl brushes that are out there today, and which one is best for you.

Great Value

A long handle and large head making this ideal for large loos. Rubbermaid

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The most economical choice, a plain toilet bowl brush actually has several advantages: You can get one with a large head and long handle, which is an advantage if you have a large toilet bowl. Another plus is that you can choose a container for it, such as a small trash can or a sealed flower pot, to match your bathroom décor. If you’re ambitious, you could paint the container or wallpaper it to match the bathroom walls. Or, simply keep the head wrapped in a plastic bag and store it in a cabinet.

Sleek Design

The OXO Good Grips Hideaway toilet brush has a ventilated base, allowing the brush to dry while stored, and is available in several colors. OXO

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These have gained popularity in recent years, for good reason: You can keep a toilet bowl brush handily right next to the toilet, in a sleek, color-coordinated base, without having it look like something that’s used to remove feces and scale. Look for one with a base that completely encloses the brush head but is ventilated so the brush can dry while it’s stored.

Non-Slip Base

Two essential toilet tools are stored in one attractive caddy with the Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush combo.

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Now we are getting into territory that requires both honesty and fortitude. Sometimes a toilet clogs because the toilet itself doesn’t drain properly. Other times, a toilet clogs because the amount of waste that’s in the bowl is too much for system to handle. That’s almost always after a bowel movement, and if you’ve ever seen the water level in the bowl rising to the rim after such an event, you know what true panic is. And if you’re a guest in someone’s house when that happens, and there’s no way to fix it, it’s enough to send you running out the door into the street and to another state, where you’ll change your name and live among strangers the rest of your life. If you’re that person’s date, you’ll probably get plastic surgery, too.

That’s why the toilet bowl brush and toilet plunger combo is popular. It puts two essential tools for fixing two toilet problems (which sometimes occur simultaneously) within arm’s reach in an attractive caddy. What other bathroom accessory could actually save a relationship?