A good garden hose is indispensable for homeowners and gardeners alike. You need one for watering your lawn and washing your car (and sprinkling the kids), and you need one to irrigate your eggplant and begonias. Specialized hoses can soak or mist as needed, saving water. A high-quality garden hose can be easy to use and last a long time and helps avoid the frustrations of kink-prone hoses that refuse to straighten out and stay where you want them. Here are three factors to consider when purchasing your next garden hose.

Top Pick

A highly flexible option like this one is easy to use. Flexzilla

Garden hoses that resist kinking and won’t return to their rolled-up position when you try to lay them out are a boon to the mental health of every gardener and home-owner. Add to this the capacity to remain flexible at cold temperatures and you’ve got a high-performance hose worth its weight in gold.


This heavy-duty item is built strong enough for many seasons of use. Teknor Apex

You might pay a few bucks more for a hose that’s UV-resistant and withstands weather and temperature extremes, but you won’t be replacing it every year or so either. Abrasion resistance is a plus as well.

This option is designed so that it’s easier to coil and store. Zalotte

Your garden hose won’t be used year-round and may not be used at all in certain seasons, so you need one you can easily handle and store. Consider how much it weighs (and remember it weighs more when wet) and how easy it is to coil and store.