Construction paper is a staple school supply for all young children. Sometimes referred to as sugar paper, this multi-colored, slightly textured craft material was originally developed from bags used to package sugar. Advances in paper manufacturing and dying techniques eventually led to a rainbow of vivid colors suitable for any home art project. It is perfect for creating everything from holiday ornaments to woven baskets and origami figures. The unfinished matte surface accepts pen, crayon, chalk, glue, marker, finger paint, and more. Professional animators even used construction paper to create cartoon characters. If you have kids around, here’s how to keep ‘em busy with this all-purpose paper.

This product is perfect for cutting, pasting, doodling, and drawing. Pacon

There is no limit to the diversity of figures, animals, and objects that creative hands can fashion from construction paper. In addition to the paper, you’ll want to supply young artists with safety scissors, a glue stick, and some markers or crayons. With those basic tools, the world is their oyster. Or maybe a unicorn, or a monkey face.

Great Value

This heavyweight material is chemical-free. Colorations

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of decorative paper folding. While thinner, specialized papers are better for intricate origami, standard construction paper works well for less complicated designs. Spritz the paper with a spray bottle of water to make it easier for small hands to fold. Just be careful not to oversaturate the paper, which could lead to fading and tearing.

Also Consider

This is great for eye-catching documents and projects. Neenah

Liven up your next publishing project by printing on construction paper. It is great for flyers, invitations, announcements, and other single-page documents. But choose your stock carefully; not all construction paper brands accept ink-jet or laser technology. Make sure your paper is specifically labeled as compatible with desktop printing.