Cooking for others can either feel like drudgery, or it can be a process that brings as much joy to the cook as to those at the dinner table. One thing that keeps chef duty enjoyable is having quality cookware. When looking to get started in the kitchen, or replacing worn-out pots and pans, purchasing a complete set is an easy way to check all the standard chef’s boxes all at once. Take a look at some of these highly rated collections that will get anyone started off right.

Anodized Aluminum

Don’t use metal cooking utensils on non-stick surfaces or you risk scratching the coating. Rachael Ray

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Anodized aluminum with a non-stick surface is perhaps the easiest cookware to clean. It heats quickly and uniformly, but you do have to take caution in the type of utensils used so as not to mar the non-stick surface.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots and pans look great in any kitchen and are easy to clean. Cuisinart

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Stainless steel is almost indestructible. A stainless-steel cook set with a couple of saucepans, several pots, and a colander belongs in every kitchen. It not only wears well; it also looks sharp.

Copper Bottom

Copper distributes heat better than aluminum or stainless steel. T-fal

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Fusing a layer of copper to the bottom of a stainless-steel pan distributes heat better than stainless steel alone. Look for handles long enough to avoid overheating and aren’t angled too steep to comfortably pick up full pots and pans.