Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Blanket

How to stay warm and comfortable when a regular blanket just won’t do.

On a cold night, an electric blanket feels like a gift from the sleep fairies: head to toe cozy, customizable heat, and instant awesome. Talk about instant gratification. A new, modern electric blanket turns toasty in a jiffy and offers a soft, cushy shell that you’ll want to wrap up in no matter the temperature. There are lots of sizes and features to choose from, so think about how you’ll use your blanket—on the bed, or ready for snuggling on a sofa or favorite chair—then dial in on the perfect model. There’s a lot of technology packed inside even the softest, most luxurious electric blanket. So, here are three things to think about to make sure yours is a perfect choice.

Warm and Easy

An automatic shutoff function will get you from dusk to dawn in comfort. Sunbeam

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Avoid bargain-basement blankets that allow you to feel the wires through the material. Many electric blankets are soft enough to use even without plugging them in and come with different textures and materials on the two sides. There’s no reason to settle for an electric blanket ridged and gridded with wires.

Wide Temp Range

This product has settings between 68- and 122-degrees. Homech

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Electric blankets come in a variety of sizes, and it’s best to choose one suited for how you’ll use it. If you just want to snuggle on the couch or a comfy chair, then a throw-sized blanket is a great choice. The larger the blanket, the heavier, and a queen- or king-sized electric blanket might be more than you’ll want to haul out the living room or porch.

Soft and Comfortable

This product has a two-sided cover. Serta

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One of the knocks against electric blankets is how long they can take to warm up. But new technologies allow modern electric blankets to heat up in seconds. If you’re used to your grandmother’s blanket that took practically forever to get warm and cozy, look for electric blankets with PTC heating technology that will warm you up in a jiffy.