Keeping an eye on your weight, BMI, muscle mass or water retention? A new digital bathroom scale can help you do it all.

Perfect for Techies

Can sync with your Apple Watch, Fitbit and other fitness trackers. RENPHO

Today’s Bluetooth-enabled scales can automatically connect to smart watches and health apps on your phone to help you keep track of trends in your weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage and more. No more logging.

Can track data separately for an unlimited number of different users. FITINDEX

Some digital scales that use bioelectrical impedance analysis technology can track a dozen or more different metrics including water retention, basal metabolic rate, body fat, bone mass and muscle mass. If you’re planning to use your scale for more than one person, you might also look for a model that allows you to create separate profiles and track data separately.

Includes batteries and a measuring tape. Etekcity

Don’t need a whole bunch of bells and whistles? Even the most affordable digital scales come in sleek, modern designs that are a true upgrade from those clunky scales of yore. Before you buy, be sure to take a quick look at the scale’s weight limits to ensure you’ll get an accurate read for your body.