Three Things to Consider Before Buying a DNA Test for Dogs

Knowing specific biological information about your pet can help you plan its long-term care.

A lot of folks love their dogs like family and treat them like family. So it’s no surprise there’s a growing interest in learning all about a dog’s family lines. DNA breed tests (sometimes called wisdom panels). Using biological information contained on a simple cheek swab from the inside of your dog’s mouth, a laboratory can provide details like whether your pet is 100 percent purebred, or if it has a mix somewhere in its family tree. Results can also show you more about your dog’s genetic makeup, or if it might have a predisposition for genetic health conditions so that you and your veterinarian can make the right decisions about its health. Here are three things to consider when choosing a DNA breed test for your dog.

Three Simple Steps

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Before you buy a test kit, learn how many breeds are in the manufacturer’s database. The more breeds a lab can compare your pooch’s DNA against, the more detailed the results will be.

Learn More About Your Pup

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Some DNA kits also screen for potential health issues, drug sensitivities, hereditary cataracts, and even kidney stones. These kits are often moderately more expensive than breed-only DNA testing kits but can provide insight into possible preventative treatments before your pet becomes ill.

Precise Results

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It’s exciting to think your prized pooch might have royal blood flowing through its veins, but you’ll have to be a little patient once you’ve completed the test. Most manufacturers advertise it takes between one and three weeks before you’ll receive test results.