Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Leash

A quick primer on understanding which leash is best for your dog.

Your dog’s leash makes a statement, and not necessarily about your dog! The leash you choose needs to be functional, sure, but it also reflects a lot on you. Don’t be that guy that refuses to show up at the doggie park because Fido’s leash is covered with sequins. A key consideration when making your leash statement includes whether your leash is leather, nylon, or stretch cored and nylon covered. Here’s what you need to know.

Easy Grip

This heavy-duty option allows you to grab your end firmly with no pain during long walks. BAAPET

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Nylon leashes are made of flat webbing of varying widths or woven in the round, like a climbing rope. Typically, strong nylon is subject to abrasion or chewing and thus not always as durable as leather. Some nylon leashes incorporate reflective threading or panels for higher visibility in low light conditions.

Perfect for Canine Duos

This will ensure that you can keep more than one pooch safe during daily journeys. iYoShop

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Dynamic leashes are typically made with a stretch core of rubber (think bungee) with a fabric cover. The stretchable material cuts down on the strain for the leash holder. Not designed for training, they work well with smaller dogs or with leashing multiple dogs on the same lead.

Real Genuine Material

This option with a loop handle guarantees you’ll always look stylish from hand to pup. Fairwin

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Leather has been the preferred harnessing material since time began. Highly durable, extremely strong, comfortable to handle and classy to look at, leather is a very popular material for making leashes.