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Proper hydration promotes health. Like people, many pets don’t drink enough on a regular basis. A drinking fountain can attract your pet’s attention and keep its water fresh. Pet-specific fountains are quiet and easy to use. Here are a few guidelines to help you find the proper model.

Top Pick

This product keeps H2O in motion to coax drinking. Veken

Though most pets are domesticated, there are still some quirks that come through from their wild ancestors. Standing water is much more likely to contain bacteria or insect larva, so their instincts tell them to look for moving water, which is less likely to contain harmful pathogens. This is why your dogs like drinking from a dripping hose and you find your cat under a leaky faucet.

This setup has a filter that removes impurities. PetSafe

Fountains are a more sanitary way to give your pet water compared to just filling a bowl. Bowls attract dirt and dust like a magnet. Most pet fountains have a built-in filter that removes hair, dirt, and other impurities. These filters may also improve taste, which will keep your pet coming back for water more often.

Also Consider

This product has a large capacity and is BPA free. Veken

While most dogs prefer to drink from a water source that’s low to the ground, many large breeds have difficulty reaching food and water bowls at their feet. Some cats also prefer to eat and drink from elevated bowls. Selecting a fountain with a height that allows a pet to drink in a more comfortable position will ensure they get all the water they need to stay hydrated. Some models are tiered or feature adjustable heights, so you have multiple options.